Today there are so many options to choose from when it comes to selecting smart home devices, and they can help increase the value of your home by 5% depending on your setup.
With smart devices you are now able to control the heat in your home with a voice command or app and set it to automatically lower the heat when it detects you have left and raise it upon your return. Smart carbon smoke and monoxide detectors can be linked to your smart light bulbs so that they flash red when danger is detected; this is incredible for those with a hearing impairment. An important thing to consider is the ease of use of these devices as there is no point going for all the bells whistles if you are technology limited. The majority of devices now though can be run and installed by even those most technology challenged individuals. 99% of these devices require a wifi network to use them internally in your house and an internet connection to use them externally when you are not at home via an app.
Also it is important to consider your current smart devices. Are all your devices Apple devices or do you have all Google Android devices? This is important as there are many devices that are optimized for a particular ecosystem so be sure before you make any purchase that the device your adding will fit into your current setup. Google just recently purchased Nest for example who have a Smart Thermostat, Smart Protect the Smoke and carbon monoxide detector as well as other devices that can all be controlled using The Nest App or connected to Google Home or Alexa.
Here are some devices that are making their way into homes and in many cases can be integrated together so you can control them all from one place.
camera systems

  • Thermostats
  • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Smart locks and doorbells
  • Smart light switches sockets and light bulbs